Prevent inlet end erosion / corrosion of high value power station main steam condenser tubes

SOLVING erosion, fouling and tube leak problems for the power generation and petrochemical industries
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A range of condenser tube inserts and heat exchanger tube inserts to suit your requirements
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Seal leaking tubes with ENSIGN thermoplastic condenser tube plugs and heat exchanger tube plugs
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Condenser tube sheet protected by Ensign Venturi Inserts

ENSIGN Venturi Insert -

The Self-Expanding Condenser Tube Insert
ENSIGN Venturi Inserts have enabled power generation companies, both throughout the UK and internationally, to save huge sums by avoiding expensive main condenser retubes. Additional large savings have been achieved by reducing costly down time and loss of efficiency caused by bio fouling, debris ingress and tube leak problems.

The ENSIGN Venturi Insert was first developed in 1970 to protect condenser tubes from inlet end erosion/ corrosion and overcome the problems associated with cheap poorly made plastic inserts. Debris screening and flow improvement profiles were also developed that are not available from other tube inlet protection systems. Many millions of units have since been fitted to both nuclear and conventional power station main condenser tubes, with installations often remaining in continuous service for well over 20 years.
Prevent inlet end erosion / corrosion in power station main steam condenser tubes.
Protect the tube inlets of smaller heat exchangers with Ensign Standard Inserts.
Nylon tube inserts for marine heat